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Rosatom Values


We always aim to find the most efficient solutions to any problems or objectives. We are efficient in everything we do: when we set our goals we use the resources with utmost rationality and keep working on improving our work processes. No obstacles can prevent us from finding the most efficient solutions.


One Team

Rosatom is all of us together. We have a common goal. Working in a cohesive team we can achieve uniquely meaningful results. Together we are strong and capable of achieving even the most challenging goals. Success of every employee adds to the successes of the company.



We respect our customers, partners and suppliers. We always listen carefully to one another and hear what everyone is saying, regardless of anyone’s position or place of employment. We respect the history and traditions of our industry. Achievements of the past inspire our future victories.


One Step Ahead of Everyone

We try to be a leading player on the international market. We aspire to be one step ahead of everyone in technology, knowledge and quality of our staff members. We try to foresee the future and we are ready for the future today. We keep developing and learning. Every day we try to work better than we did yesterday.



Safety is our top priority. In our work we care first and foremost about the safety of every person and the environment. There are no little or insignificant things in safety: we know safety rules and follow them, trying to preclude any violations of these rules.


Responsibility for the Final Result

Each of us is personally responsible for the result of our work and the quality of our products before the state, the industry, our peers and our customers. We place high demand on ourselves in everything we do in the line of duty. We value the practical results over the amount of effort spent on getting there. Our successes serve as foundation for our new achievements.

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